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  • One Year Low
  • Two Year Low
  • Three Year Low
  • Highlighting stocks at or below a yearly low.

    High volume

    Highlights stock where today's trading volume is 150% of average daily volume.

    Ascending triangles

    A bullish continuation pattern indicative of increased buying pressure. The rising lower trendline provides cheap entry points before the pattern completes and a breakout occurs.

    Trading range

    This pattern shows stocks that have traded horizontally within a defined range of at least 9% over the last three months. It lists stock where the price is currently <= 3% from the bottom of that trading range.


    This pattern detects an upside breakout in a stock from a previous flat line.

    Upward Trendline

    Three months data are displayed. Stocks that show an upward trending channel over the last 6 weeks are listed.


    The Doji candlestick pattern shows indecision in the market and can help set buy and sell points.

    3 Month Low

    This pattern lists stock where the current price is <= 3% from the 3 month low.

    3 Month High

    View hot stocks and sectors at a three month high. This algorithm lists stock where the current price is <= 3% from the 3 month high.

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