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    Ascending triangles

    The ascending triangle is a bullish continuation pattern. It is indicative of increased buying pressure. The rising lower trendline provides cheap entry points before the pattern completes and a breakout occurs.

    Trading range

    This algorithm identifies stocks that have traded horizontally within a defined range of at least 9% over the last three months. It lists stock where the price is currently <= 3% from the bottom of that trading range.


    Following a period of consolidation and relatively low trading activity, this algorithm detects an upside breakout and renewed interest in a stock. This algorithm regularly detects breakouts of 50% and more.

    Upward Trendline

    Three months data is displayed. Stocks that show an upward trending channel over the last 6 weeks are listed.

    High volume

    Today's volume is compared to the average daily volume over the last month. This algorithm can highlight the trading activity of large institutional investors days before a TR-1:Notification of major holdings RNS is released.


    Highlighting unusual volume price activity and other anomalies. Are market makers short of stock? Is the price being artificially inflated?


    The Doji candlestick pattern often precedes a price reversal. It can be used with the trading range and upward trendline algorithms to time entry and exit points.

    3 Month Low

    Buy at a cheaper price than anyone else over the last three months. This algorithm lists stock where the current price is <= 3% from the 3 month low.

    3 Month High

    View hot stocks and sectors at a three month high. This algorithm lists stock where the current price is <= 3% from the 3 month high.

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